Laser Dentistry

Odyssey Diode Laser

As dentists strive to create the perfect smile, they are often compromised by the technology they use in their practice. Respected leaders from the dental profession and dental equipment manufacturers have sought to identify the most practical and least invasive technology available to deliver restorative and preventive care. Today, thanks to continuing efforts by these industry leaders, we have seen the introduction of many new devices that have advanced the dentist's ability to perform at the highest standards. The ODYSSEY 2.4G DIODE LASER represents the latest solid state diode laser technology available for soft tissue modification and preventative care.

Examples of procedures that are routinely performed with the Odyssey Laser are:

  • -Clinical crown lengthening
  • -Soft tissue debridement
  • -Orthodontic tissue control
  • -Frenum release
  • -Biopsies
  • -Cold sore treatment
  • -Implant access

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