More & more adults are smiling with invisible braces

confident smile is the sign of a confident person.   We tend to be more receptive to those who greet us with a great smile.  Studies have shown that when someone smiles at us, our mood elevates to a brighter level.  We immediately want to smile back at the one who smiled at us, or smile at the next face we see.  A smile can have many other positive effects.  It can offer hope, friendship, love, calm fears, help us look better in photos, and even make that good first impression when interviewing for a job or during those first time introductions.   

Many adults whose teeth are crooked or misaligned are self-conscious of their smile, however.  They tend to stifle them or cover their mouth and teeth with their hands.  In doing so, they are often covering up a wonderful personality and missing out on many opportunities that otherwise may be offered to them.  This does not have to be a permanent lifestyle!  Whatever your stage of life you can still have a great smile with the help of invisible braces from Invisalign.

Once your dental provider has determined this treatment is an option for you, he or she will fit you with a set of custom made aligners that fit smoothly and comfortably over your natural teeth.   No wires or metal to attach or irritate your cheeks and gums.  The aligner’s just pop in and out.  Pop them in and wear them while you go about your activities, and pop them out prior to eating and for your daily dental hygiene routine, such as brushing/flossing your natural teeth.  Over a period of time, your teeth will gently shift in place, or proper alignment.   Best of all, they are so clear no one will suspect a thing—even when you smile at them! 

Whatever stage of your life, you should never stop smiling, but you should stop covering it up.  Invisalign could help you achieve that very visual and beautiful smile that’s been hiding inside you all along :-)