Cosmetic Dentures: Superior Materials to Customize Your Smile

Posted on: 1 Sep 2013

Cosmetic dentures are really the new wave of how to make dentures not even look like dentures. That might seem discouraging to older people who've had to live with poor-fitting dentures for decades. This isn't to say that they still can't benefit from cosmetic dentures just as much as younger people can.

Cosmetic Dentures Look and Feel Natural

With a life-like acrylic as the main material, the quality of your new teeth will astound you. They'll look so real that you might swear that they're real teeth. However, the strongest benefit is in how well they fit in your mouth. Cosmetic dentures leave more room around the gum line so you can smile naturally. The muscles in your face will also be helped by this as you age, preventing wrinkles from manifesting around your lower mouth area. Older dentures have long been known for misshaping lower facial muscles to the point where dentures are obvious.

Trying Out Your Dentures Before You Buy

You have a chance to see what your dentures look and feel like through a cosmetic try in before the final denture is completed. You can match the whiteness level of your teeth with your skin tones, plus decide how you want the gumline to look. Through this method, you can even see how you'd look with longer or shorter teeth before anything is finalized. Just a decade ago, this couldn't have been done after spending money on teeth you perhaps later thought hadn't been the best choice.

Keep in mind that if you liked your old smile before having your teeth removed, cosmetic dentures can duplicate it exactly how you remember.

Advanced Implant Technology

With the new ability to implant titanium rods into the jaw, your cosmetic dentures will fit perfectly as if secured in bone. If it sounds uncomfortable implanting titanium rods, it isn't at all. Once your dentures are placed in the rods, they'll feel just like natural teeth to you. Now you can eat anything you want without worry about the dentures slipping around in your mouth.


Here at Flucke & Suchman Dentistry, we know that affordability is going to be a major factor when it comes to denture work. Take solace in knowing that cosmetic dentures are much cheaper than implants. We also offer a convenient payment plan so any concern of cost won't be a burden to your life.

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