Clear braces for adults: Straighten your teeth without braces

Crooked and unsightly teeth are a constant detriment to self-esteem, and not only affects teens but twenty something’s and older as well.  It is common for teens and children to wear braces yet older patients find standard braces just as embarrassing and awkward as their unattractive teeth.  Invisible braces offer a solution to those looking to fix their smile without the extra attention of metal braces.


Clear braces for adults are an ideal solution for self-conscious people who think braces are for kids and teens only. Their almost invisible design made from clear plastic allows you to wear them in public without the worry of others seeing them.  Young adults can take comfort in professional and social situations where they want to be viewed as an adult not worry about teen appearance from standard braces.  Invisalign clear braces have shorter wear duration than standard braces allowing you a new inviting smile in around a year.


The process of getting clear braces replaces the need for standard impression with iTero scanning which makes digital scans of your mouth with much more accuracy than impressions in much less time. High tech scanners allow you to see results of treatment and what your new smile will look like after completion.  Clear braces such as Invisalign are taken out while you eat allowing you to enjoy all the foods you currently do without worrying about damage or extensive cleaning. The cost is similar to standard braces and patients will get a new set of braces every 4-6 weeks until completion.

The best news? You can finance your Invisalign treatment for as little as $5/day!

If you would like more information on how clear braces can realign your teeth without all the attention, please contact us.